Announcing Gods’ Mouths 2.0 – A New Collaborative Pagan Blog

Gods’ Mouths 2.0
Following our own paths… together


We are extremely excited to announce a new collaborative alternative spirituality, paganism and spiritworking blog project with the return and reboot of “Gods’ Mouths.”

The new managing editors, Alex Bettencourt of Rock of Eye, and Wintersong Tashlin of Notes From A Barking Shaman, intend to present content from contributors with a broad diversity of relationships to spirituality, faith, gods, spirits and magic.

Posts on Gods’ Mouths 2.0 will explore the complexities of our lived experiences as spiritual and/or magical beings in ways that challenge us as readers to broaden and question our own understandings faith and practice. But through it all, God’s Mouths’ writers and editors will strive to ensure that our content does not pass judgement on people whose beliefs (or lack thereof) differ from our own, or seeks to non-consensually impose a fundamentalist worldview on anyone.

In order to best nurture an environment where that can succeed, Gods’ Mouths 2.0 is guided by one unyielding principle: there are many ways to approach, experience, and interact with the Divine and the Otherworld(s).

This means that while some of us come from traditions with strict rules and beliefs, no posts will be allowed that would seek to impose those rules and beliefs on anyone else.

Moreover, the relaunched Gods’ Mouths 2.0 rejects a hierarchical view of spirituality that says only high priests/priestesses, shamans, spiritworkers, godspouses, and adepts are entitled to have their voices heard on spiritual and magical topics. The experiences of new journeyers, solitary practitioners, lay people, mystics, and many others deserve to have their voices woven into the broader tapestry of our community.

We look forward to seeing where this new journey leads, and hope you’ll join us, be it as a contributor or a regular reader.

Alex Bettencourt & Wintersong Tashlin
Managing Editors
Gods’ Mouths 2.0


20 thoughts on “Announcing Gods’ Mouths 2.0 – A New Collaborative Pagan Blog

  1. Oh, count me in! I long for a place where I can read about others who have godphones so that I can learn more about how to work and live with this ability.

  2. Reblogged this on Twilight and Fire and commented:
    Winter and Alex are both real-life friends of mine, and good people. Please consider submitting your writing to this new blog, no matter what your level of experience.

    • really, no matter what level? tbh, I don’t know how valuable my mystical/learning experience stuff is for anyone but me. I used to think it might be, but I’ve seen how differently most people view just about everything I write about… so I’ve come to doubt it, really. But on the whole, I’d like to participate and I really like this initiative!!

      I’ve got artwork and devotional writing that might be okay, if you’re looking for such things, too…

      • Different is good! We want to this to be a space where people share their personal experiences and practices from as diverse perspectives as possible.

        And we’re definitely interested in submissions of devotional writing and artwork as well.

      • I don’t know about anyone else, but some of my best learning has come from folks who have a vastly different practice than mine. I hope you’ll write!

        Artwork and devotional writing is great to submit!

  3. I have absolutely no blogging experience and probably won’t post much (if at all) but count me in as a regular reader!

    • We’re also looking for artwork of various kinds, and we love when readers steer us towards topics of interest or stories you think we should ask permission to repost.

  4. I’d love to contribute, though my experience is… varied and shallow for the most part (which I’m working on). I’m always looking to expand my “pagan blog” reading list! Though I’m not entirely sure how this would work…

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  6. Reblogged this on [url=]The Jackal’s Dance[/url] and commented:

    This sounds very interesting. Count me in as a regular reader! I may even post something.

  7. I am interested in contributing as well. Devotional writings, art work (they are a bit primitive), and general topics. I am currently working on a piece about some of the “nastier” aspects of shadow work and their consequences. Would this type of writing also be appropriate?

    • It certainly could be, as long as the focus is on your own personal experiences.

      All submissions are subject to approval and editing by the Ed Team, but everything you’re describing here sounds like things we’d be interested in seeing.

  8. Reblogged this on Rock of Eye and commented:

    Thought I re-blogged this last night, but I apparently did not. This is one of the big projects that I’ve been spending a lot of time on lately and I’m really excited at the response we’ve gotten already. Please check it out!

  9. I am still adjusting to this whole public blogging thing, and putting myself out there for the pagan community in general. But this project sounds really interesting, and if I can figure out a topic to write on, I would like to contribute. I will definitely be following along, as well.

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