A Day in the Life–“August Dark Moon”: Lorna Smithers, pagan Druid and bard

Submitted by Lorna Smithers.

I’m woken by my alarm clock at 6AM. Blinking open my eyes, I recall what I can of last night’s dream; horses again, another argument. I scrawl this in my journal and get up immediately, knowing the time between waking and going to work is precious. Whilst breakfasting, I observe the view from my bedroom window, greeting the grey-white clouds and light rain, buddleia, and shrubs in the garden, a pigeon on next door’s roof, and the circling sea gulls.

After this I do ritual, hailing the spirits of the cardinal directions, above, beneath, and within before lighting candles in honour of the spirits of place, ancestors, Belisama the goddess of the river Ribble and its valley, and Gwyn, my personal deity. Following a meditation in a tree stance where I ground myself between earth, sea and sky, this world and the Otherworld to which I usually journey, I often practice divination or simply commune with my gods or other guides.

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Walking the Mystic’s Path: “To the mystic, Love is the air we breathe.”

Submitted by Reverend Donna M. Swindells, Fellowship of Isis

I am and have always been a mystic. Even in my old faith as a Roman Catholic, this was the path I have been on.  How can one be of that faith, and be a mystic in the Pagan pantheons?  The easiest answer is once a mystic, always a mystic.  One has to be true to your soul.  Being who I am comes at a high price, as many spiritual bloggers know.  Putting yourself out raw and uncensored in print, to friends and strangers takes courage and strength.

What is a mystic?  It is a person who knows the risk of being a fool.  To be able to give of yourself and surrender to divine love.  We who are on this path have devoted ourselves to the Gods and Goddesses.  They have touched us with the sweetest delight and pain.  Our souls burn for their presence, words and perhaps a few moments of spiritual union.

A Day in the Life–Anonymous College Student: Wiccan-flavored pagan, polytheist, and lay person

Even though it doesn’t sound like a very spectacular way to celebrate, I typically choose to approach meals and time spent with my family as more relaxing and enjoyable on this day. By approaching these activities with a certain attitude on my part, I can usually overcome whatever possible drama that may be floating around (because we’re certainly not immune to that) and actually feel a bit more relaxed and enjoyable during and afterwards. While some people may want to hold/attend a ritual on one of the sabbats, I’ve found that Lammas feels better without doing so.

I’m a solitary, so this would mean that I would have to try to carve out time to not be disturbed by my family. It’s the beginning of August, though, and I just don’t feel like doing that. I’m currently in college, but my practice sort of started (in a relaxed way) while I was still in high school. I’ve spent what feels like most of the summer alone and working on summer homework for honors/AP classes or just preparing for the next semester. Lammas is the last bit of summer vacation before I really have to kick it into gear and start to get ready for school again, so I want to spend it with my family in some sort of relaxing way.

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The Work Can Get In Its Own Way

You’ll no doubt have noticed that there’s been a break in posts here on Gods’ Mouths 2.0. There are two reasons for that. First and foremost, we (Alex & Winter) it turns out are not as good at using the “schedule” feature here on WordPress as we’d thought! GM2 has gotten some great submissions over the last little while and we thought we’d gotten them set to publish automatically… but we didn’t.

Sorry about that.

“But wait Alex/Winter, you guys didn’t notice! WTF?” you may be saying, and your frustration would be completely understandable.

No, we didn’t notice. Which brings us to the topic of Work.

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At Loki’s Hands, Part 4: Closer

Submitted by Myriad Hallaug Lokadis.

The following post was originally written as a contribution for 2013’s July for Loki. My devotional project in July was called At Loki’s Hands; it consists of four drawings, each representing roughly a quarter of the past year—my first year as a devotee to Loki—and how I experienced Him during that time. In the first post, Tapped, I described my first awkward forays as a newly-tapped worshipper. The following two pieces, Weaving the Net and Truceless, explore how I connected with Him on a more personal level, and the very slow, very reluctant forming of trust. The piece below is the last in the series, picking up around mid-February of this year.

My decision to submit it was inspired by the Godsmouths 2.0 project “A Day In The Life” that encourages us, the readers, to write about our everyday devotional practice. This is my account of how my devotional practice started becoming what it is today.

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A Day in the Life–Elayne: mother and Wiccan priestess with Crossroads ATC

My daily practices are always in flux, as I think they are for most of us.  As we grow and learn, we drop practices that no longer serve us, and pick up new ones that do.  I am gradually returning to regular daily spiritual practice after many years of mostly being a minor kitchen witch.  I’ve made a new commitment over the past couple years to find ways to pursue my devotions while integrating my spiritual life with my busy, busy family life.

I’ve been taking T. Thorn Coyle’s Crafting a Daily Practice course this summer, looking for a more structured guide for delving deeper into my self and finding new ways to nurture my spirit.  The course has been very helpful, and I’m barely halfway through.  I look forward to finishing, and continuing to work with her book.

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