The Work Can Get In Its Own Way

You’ll no doubt have noticed that there’s been a break in posts here on Gods’ Mouths 2.0. There are two reasons for that. First and foremost, we (Alex & Winter) it turns out are not as good at using the “schedule” feature here on WordPress as we’d thought! GM2 has gotten some great submissions over the last little while and we thought we’d gotten them set to publish automatically… but we didn’t.

Sorry about that.

“But wait Alex/Winter, you guys didn’t notice! WTF?” you may be saying, and your frustration would be completely understandable.

No, we didn’t notice. Which brings us to the topic of Work.

We both believe that Gods’ Mouths 2.0 is an important part of our Work in the world. But we also have clients, rituals, learning and teaching, Oaths, emotional/romantic partners, and bill-paying jobs. In this we are not unlike the vast majority of people who serve the gods, practice magic, or any of the myriad other expressions of faith and connection shared by readers of Gods’ Mouths 2.0.

In this particular situation, both capital “w” Work and lowercase “w” work got in the way. Alex has had a number of direct commitments to the gods, including paging for a deity horsing, and crafting a shrine and ritual for another. Winter has just moved to a new home on the ocean and is spending a great deal of time building energetic and magical relationships with unfamiliar energies in order to fulfill the magical obligations of his clan.

Many of us have multiple obligations and oaths, and sometimes those wind up in conflict. How then do we figure out what takes priority? That’s a delicate dance that we each have to navigate in our own way. Sometimes the gods or spirits give clear direction, although that can lead to more problems than solutions if more than one Power lays claim at the same time. Then there are other forces beyond our control, such as specific dates or cycles that are bound to the calendar, or even the restrictions of our mundane lives.

But what about when there aren’t as clear lines? In a perfect world we’d do our absolute best to analyze the unique facets of each obligation and perfectly prioritize each thing. That’s often not how it goes down in reality for many of us though. Instead, the situation in front of us gets the attention, even if it might not objectively be the most important.

Which raises the related question of how we are to balance Work, worship and/or practice with the various commitments of everyday life.

We both (Alex & Winter) have paying jobs that help keep the lights on and roofs over our heads. Sometimes our mundane work and our “real” Work intersect in productive ways. Other times they do not.

There’s an idea within certain elements of the spirit work world at least, that one’s entire life must be solely centered on their “greater” e.g. spiritual Work, in order to adequately serve the gods and spirits. While there is an undeniable value and place for that particular archetype, the issue is that this ideal, if it is in fact “ideal,” is simply impractical for many of us. Moreover, it may not be the best way for some of us to Serve.

How we bring together and keep apart the various elements of our lives and Work is a topic that Gods’ Mouths 2.0 will hopefully explore in some depth in the months to come. While we here at GM2 shy away from speaking for anyone but ourselves, it’s fair to say that this is a needle that the vast majority of us have to work to thread in our daily lives, as our recent absence makes clear.

Now back to our regular programing. Gods’ Mouths 2.0 is just getting started.

Alex Bettencourt & Wintersong Tashlin
Managing Editors
Gods’ Mouths 2.0


5 thoughts on “The Work Can Get In Its Own Way

  1. tbh, this topic (i.e., balancing Work and work) is something that has become a bit of a point of worry for me. I haven’t been captial-p Persuaded to change something fundamental about my work/career. But it’s come up that I must take care that I be able to make enough time. I have been able to do that, at least for now. But sometimes I still worry about how my work doesn’t have anything at all to do with Work… so yeah, looking forward to seeing those posts.

    • FWIW… my work doesn’t have anything at all to do with Work. And yet, it finances things that are crucial for my Work, such as being able to live alone in an apartment filled with shrines and close to holy places, buying offerings for the gods, etc. So in that way, it really is connected. And for me, working at a job that pays enough to live off 20 hours a week (once I scaled back my living expenses to the bare necessities) so I have more time to devote to my practice is a totally appropriate trade off for not having my day job be more spiritually connected (especially since such a job might well end up requiring more of my time/energy). In other words, I think there are many ways to approach the work/Work issue, and many solutions.

      • Thanks, that’s really reassuring (no sarcasm, I mean it). It’s good to hear that people (you) make it work, so perhaps I might be able to get it right as well. Thanks again!

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