Walking the Mystic’s Path: “To the mystic, Love is the air we breathe.”

Submitted by Reverend Donna M. Swindells, Fellowship of Isis

I am and have always been a mystic. Even in my old faith as a Roman Catholic, this was the path I have been on.  How can one be of that faith, and be a mystic in the Pagan pantheons?  The easiest answer is once a mystic, always a mystic.  One has to be true to your soul.  Being who I am comes at a high price, as many spiritual bloggers know.  Putting yourself out raw and uncensored in print, to friends and strangers takes courage and strength.

What is a mystic?  It is a person who knows the risk of being a fool.  To be able to give of yourself and surrender to divine love.  We who are on this path have devoted ourselves to the Gods and Goddesses.  They have touched us with the sweetest delight and pain.  Our souls burn for their presence, words and perhaps a few moments of spiritual union.
If you are a mystic you know it.  You don’t need to ask anyone if you are.  Some people, and spiritual mentors will listen to you or read your words.  They think how wonderful your life must be at times. At times,  there is nothing that equals the experience of being one with the divine.  But there are times when the darkness covers that light giving love.  Nothing is with you.  There are no words, images or warmth present.  This is the path of holy sages and the saints.  I’m not saying all who are mystical have achieved this state.  But they are called to walk its path.
I read the “Dark night of the soul” by St. John of the Cross early in my life.  I also read and understood the “Interior Castle” by St. Teresa of Avila better.  But now I have walked and continue to walk the “dark night of the soul.”  On my path as a Reverend, I am devoted to Hathor, Dionysus and Aphrodite.  These Deities interact with my soul as strongly as the Divine of my Roman Catholic beliefs.  So any religion has mystics within its members.
To all of the spiritual bloggers out there in cyberspace, you are needed.  I have read so many blogs that speak of the beauty, love and spiritual struggles of those who seek the Divine.  There is an emptiness and a void in people’s lives today.  Reading about other people’s beliefs and devotion to their Divine ones, gives hope and a renewed outlook for us all.
“To the mystic, Love is the air we breathe.” 

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