Photo Post – Moon & Sea

Although I haven’t yet written about it, my family, consisting of myself, my husband/magical partner, and my boyfriend, recently moved ourselves, and the seat of Tashrisketlin to the seacoast of Southern Maine.

When we first moved up to Maine more than two years ago, my Lady told me that I had Work to do with the sea. However, we proved unable to find a place to live near there. This was ok though, since it was still during our three years of enforced idleness, more on that in a later post.

But now, with our idleness at an end, an opportunity to move to less than a half mile from a beautiful beach just happened to crop up, and here we are.

It’s going to be a long and hopefully exciting road of learning and exploring as we work out what living by the sea will mean for us, both magically and spiritually. That too, will be a subject of posts to come. One thing we already know, is that as the sea has become a fixture in our Work and energy, so has the Moon has become a major force in our lives. After all, the interplay between the moon and sea creates the ebbs and flows that suffuse the power underlying the land all around us.

I don’t paint or draw, but I’m a rather skilled photographer and have been exploring photography as a tool for spiritual expression. The fabulous Elizabeth from Twilight & Fire was visiting last week and convinced me to take my camera gear down to the beach for the rising of the Harvest Moon, and the following photos were the result.

So hail the dance of Sea and Moon, who together form one of the great engines that drive our world.

(Photos below the fold, click to enlarge)


Harvest Moon at Old Orchard Beach

Harvest Moon at Old Orchard Beach
Harvest Moon at Old Orchard Beach

Day after the Harvest Moon at Old Orchard Beach

Day after the Harvest Moon at Old Orchard Beach


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