Who & What We’re Looking For

This blog is intended to represent a broad cross-section of pagan, polytheist, and spiritual beliefs, practices, and expressions. We’re looking for essays, poetry, music, visual art, and any other ways people may choose to expresses their relationship and interactions with the divine.

Here are some sample topics the editorial team would like to see represented on Gods’ Mouths 2.0:

  • Personal narratives of spiritual and/or magical practices
  • Spiritual/Magical perspectives on world and/or personal events
  • Experiences interacting with/relating to gods and spirits
  • The intersection of pagan/spiritual identity and other elements of identity
  • Challenges – personal, communal, and others
  • Doubt
  • The integration of spiritual and everyday life
  • Spirituality as Work
  • Creating practices, community, family, etc
  • Cultural spirituality and/or magic
  • Lore
  • UPG
  • Religion

Here is a list of some of the people we’re looking for as contributors, but it is by no means complete or exclusionary:

  • People of alternative faiths & practices
  • Spirit workers
  • Magic(k) users
  • Solitary practitioners
  • High priests/priestesses
  • Lay people
  • Deists
  • Scholars
  • Mystics
  • Spiritual agnostics
  • People who work with or worship “new” gods (so-called Pop-Culture Pagans)
  • Ordeal workers
  • Parents
  • LGBTQ pagans
  • Sacred-sex workers
  • Teachers

If you are interested in contributing content to Gods’ Mouths 2.0, or have suggestions for material you’d like to see covered on the blog, email the Editorial Team at godsmouths@gmail.com.

Submitted material can be sent in an email message body, or in any of the following formats:

For text: Microsoft Word (.doc), OpenOffice (.odt, .docx), plain text, rich text, or as a Scrivener file.

For images: JPG/JPEG, PNG, or TIFF

Contact us for more information about submitting audio and video content, we’re still figuring out some of the details of how to best handle those.

Alex Bettencourt
Wintersong Tashlin
Managing Editors